Fare well, September..


September’s end is upon us.  What a beautiful month it has been.  There have been a LOT of ups and downs, but I choose to focus on the good.  There was plenty of it to be had.

I learned something this weekend that was pretty cool. The mere act of observation can completely change the outcome of an event! For example, light shines in waves or beams or whatever translates to your brain.  However, when a person OBSERVES the light, the light changes what it’s doing.  CRAZY!

This leads me to think of the allegation, “what you focus on expands.”  Given this piece of information – that observing something makes it change what it does or how it behaves, is a BIG push to only focus on the good things going on. “Light bulb moment” doesn’t begin to describe it for me.

I have been focusing on whatever is in my path lately.  Hence, it’s gotten to be a rather large path so I can fit LOTS of things on it.  This translates to distraction, because you can’t keep more than seven things in your brain at one time ~  Believe me – I’ve tried.  If you don’t make a point to ignore the negative and contrary items in your way, then they easily grab your attention.  Again, THEY GRAB YOUR ATTENTION.  It’s an act or react kind of thinking process.  If you don’t consciously ignore them, they are always in your line of sight.  Easier said than done – yes, I get that.  But what if you are able to ignore just ONE thing that is negative and, in turn, focus on ONE thing that is positive?  It would stand to reason that the inversely proportional benefit of just that one process would be so beneficial that, perhaps you would THEN have an easier time focusing on the positive rather than the negative the next day.  If you continue to apply that one-for-one mechanism daily, what would that look like in a month’s time?  I’ll tell you this: I intend to find out.

I will focus on one positive thing each day for the next 30 days, and also ignore one negative.  I will employ the one-for-one tactic and see if my results are substantial.  …and suddenly I’m a scientist, with a hypothesis and a theory to be tested!  Yay ME!!!  How scientific can it be if it’s just me..?  Feel free to put the one-for-one plan into practice yourself.  What have you got to lose, except some negativity?


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A Fall Wedding…


The day has finally arrived!  Our dear friends and neighbors’ daughter is getting married this evening!  I can hardly believe it.  She’s only a couple months older than our daughter!  Where does the time go?  One day you are buying her first ballet shoes and the next you are dancing at her wedding?  I’m almost certain there is a time warp…

Fall is such a beautiful time for a wedding.  I suppose when you are in love that anytime is a beautiful time for a wedding.  Since our anniversary is in the fall, I can appreciate anniversaries in such a lovely time of year.  It’s definitely cuddle weather.  Romantic walks in the park that hold the glory of autumn.  This is what is pictured on a wedding day… the future, in all its yet to be seen splendor.

The Bride-to-be is someone who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.  She specializes in hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  She is a stunningly beautiful girl.  She has an easy smile and a big heart.  All these traits will serve her well in the coming years of married life.  But it’s the dedication and hard work that will be her greatest assets, because THAT is what it takes to make a successful marriage.  I can only imagine how proud her parents must be of the woman she’s become, as they give their little girl’s hand in marriage.  To them I say congratulations, and well done.

I can’t believe how much I am choking up as I write this.  Having seen this young girl blossom into a woman has been a rare gift.  It gives me hope for the future and the weddings of our own daughters…. in the far far far future.  I believe one of the true joys of life is seeing who your children become.  Admiring their strengths and seeing them overcome their weaknesses.  Making their way in the world, regardless of our best efforts to screw them up royally.  They blossom in spite of it all, leaving us in awe of how it all went so fast.

Tonight we will celebrate joyfully at the joining of two hearts, the beginning of a lifelong journey, in a season of beauty and love.

…now where did I put those dancing shoes?


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It’s always something…


A few weeks ago I was having a great Saturday. I was productive.  I got a lot done.  My goal was to sit on the deck and enjoy the evening.  Finally, after many thwarted attempts, I plopped myself down in a chair and sighed loudly.  Yes!  Finally here!

That’s when I realized I needed to tinkle.  I sighed again.  “It’s always something!”

Yes, it does seem there is always something that needs doing to keep us from the things we’d rather be doing.  When nature calls, you can’t exactly ignore that too long.  So I went ahead and took care of that issue, and to be honest – I don’t even recall if I got back to the deck that night.  It’s always something…

The important things in life need to take precedence.  I remember once saying to a woman friend I ran into that I just did not have enough time.  Her reply: “You need to take more time for yourself.”  …I’m sorry.. Perhaps you didn’t hear me…  I am already out of time…

Turns out a few weeks later, I learned that she was correct.  I must recharge my batteries.  The demands on my time are many and my time is not.  So I have decided that part of my “organization” plan will be to set aside a chunk of time for myself each day or evening after work and on the weekends.  Not time where I sit and do nothing, but time where I stop and do something for ME.  Some “thing” that I desire to do.

It is ALWAYS SOMETHING.  Never a moment to breathe it seems somedays.  My grandmother used to say, “If it’s not one thing, it’s three.”  She was a wise woman in more ways than one.  Hmmm… perhaps a study of her lifestyle would do me good.  I think I”ll put that on my “to do” list… for another day…

So Happy It’s Thursday!  Who’s with me??!!

Wow… Tuesday was a whirlwind…


Going nonstop can be very productive, but not when it comes to blogging.  Perhaps my “getting organized” will help me to have more time.  One can only hope.

Today is no less full.  Doctor’s appointment with my younger daughter.  But in theory that puts me home early.  I’ll plan now to make up a schedule to adhere to when I get home from work each day.  Even a poor plan is better than no plan.  I’ll start there and tweak it as I go.  Tweaking is superior to twerking.  Just sayin…

The fall skies are a brilliant blue.  The sunrises are spectacular.  The chilly evenings are conducive to bonfires and fireplaces in use.  Apple cider sounds like a good reward for the evening’s accomplishments.  I think I’ll make it so.

The project of organization is slow to materialize.  Let’s hope that means it’s coming together in a sturdy fashion.  I’ll cross my fingers and keep moving forward.

Have a lovely little Wednesday! ~ D

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Was there really a weekend?


Oy vey!  What happened to the weekend?  I’m sure there was one… We ushered in fall on Sunday with the Autumnal Equinox. The rest is kind of a blur.  On my second cup of coffee.  I think both my eyes are open…. What did I miss?

I missed plenty…  Mostly opportunities.  There are things I am only able to accomplish on the weekend.  Hmm… I should add “in theory” to that last sentence.  It seems the weekend always sucks me in and suddenly it’s Monday and I’ve only added to the “to do” list.  Perhaps I’ll turn it into wallpaper because soon I’ll have enough to do the office.  Think of the money I’ll save!

See what I did there??  I took a left turn at the end of the paragraph.  I believe this may have something to do with my weekend’s disappearance.  I get ten things halfway done and then find the first thing I began and think, “Oh, yeah… I was doing that…” and if I’m lucky then THAT thing will get done.

I do love autumn, but it seems it’s even easier for me to become distracted.  I’m going to formulate a plan for making some progress.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  I’m filing this one under “Projects” because it truly is one for me.  If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Happy Fall!  Welcome to the week’s beginning!  ~ Diane

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Wow..  I was totally going to write about a couple of fabulous, serendipitous occurrences, but when I looked up the definition of serendipity, I found that it’s one of the most difficult words to describe or define.  So I’ll tell you my story; you tell me what you think.

To clarify, I think of serendipity as something that goes wrong, but turns out to be a wonderful thing.  Or an accident that happens that allows something fabulous to happen that could never have happened otherwise.  So far today, two really cool things have happened that started out looking like DOOM.

First, I tried to make a payment on our daughter’s college bill. I had set up the payment plan last month… or so I thought.  I logged in to find that not only was there no payment plan set up, but that there was a late fee assessed to her account.  Can you feel the sinking heart?  Dropped straight into my stomach…  Turns out I didn’t actually sign up for the payment plan.  I know I went through the motions.  Not sure what happened.  After all the emails, it turns out that they are waiving the late fee.  They are NOT charging me the $50 to be on the payment plan. And I still get to make two payments.  Yay ME!!

Second, I made a purchase at a “special” price through an offer I got in my email.  Of course all the: “It’s worth $XXX but you only pay $XX” is fine.  And once they hit a price I could live with, I bought it.  Funny thing is they kept sending me the emails saying they were extending the offer for so many days, and then okay just a couple more days.. Okay. No biggie.  They just didn’t turn off the email system or realize that I had already bought their product at that price.  Well… imagine my surprise when this morning I get an email offering it to me for $28 less than I paid!  I emailed them, told them I wanted that price and before I could even check, they had issued me a refund!

That’s $78 I didn’t spend!   In one day!  In fairness, I must admit that I did not win the lottery on Wednesday, but with these two small items, I almost feel like I did.  I have always been a fan of serendipity, whatever the “actual” definition is.  In this season of “Too much month left at the end of my money” I am quite pleased with these happenstances.  Score one for the little person!

As we visit the Autumnal Equinox this weekend, may your season be one of serendipity.  Happy discoveries found along the way while searching for something else.  Have a blessed weekend! ~ d ❤

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Just when you think things couldn’t get better…


Life is a cycle.  Life is a circle.  You just get settled in good and  take a deep breath and sigh at the wonder of how perfect it is and …BAM.  Life throws you a curve ball, just to keep things interesting.  Thank you, Life.  You ROCK!

So my wonderful hubby and I had a disagreement last night.  It got ugly.  And of course, I’m all “Hold the phone!  Aren’t we deliriously happy here?!”  …i says in my head.  On the OUTSIDE of my head there was a LOT of noise.  Me no likey.

I decided to back off because NOTHING is worth such a stupid argument.  I was not very happy, but I kept my mouth shut (yes – it happens) and went about my business.  “My business” being picking up the house a little, vacuuming, unloading and reloading the dishwasher.  …blah blah blah

I have a cousin who SWEARS BY “when you’re angry, clean something” and I must say, it is a FABULOUS strategy!  I could have done much more – because there is never a lack of things that need doing at our house – but I wanted to get in bed a little earlier to see if it helped me get up at 5:00 a.m.  (I”m showered and at my desk by 7:00 – I call that a success!)

It can be difficult to disengage from an emotional catastrophe.  I have learned that the best thing I can do is let it go.  I have worked on this for many, many moons.  Season after season after season.  I guess you could say I’m a seasoned veteran.. har har har… I jest – but it’s true.  If, after 22 years I have not figured out how all this works and when to lay low, well… then that would make me as dumb as some say we blonds are.  I’m a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.  I know – I’ve used this phrase before.  But hey, truth is truth.  Slow on the uptake?  Yeah, maybe sometimes.  Doesn’t change the fact that you need to pay attention to your life and see what the patterns are.  The pattern of the seasons are quite evident if we are paying attention.  The trees are the big indicator with their budding leaves, beautiful blossoms, gorgeous greenery, stunning color changes, dropping leaves, and bare branches.  We know those by heart.  Your life has patterns as well.  LOOK FOR THEM.  LOOK AT THEM.  PAY ATTENTION.  BECAUSE BAM!  Sh*t happens! When you learn to see the patterns, you learn how best to act in response to them.  Notice:  ACT.  Not REACT.  Acting is a conscious decision, a choice of behavior.  Reacting is not.  Reacting never makes me feel better.  If I can remember that, the outcome might not be so bad.

The situation is not resolved.  I am planning to remedy that asap.  Perhaps a different approach.  All the same, I win because I recognized the pattern and acted accordingly.  No hard feelings.  It’s all good.

Have a great Thursday!  ❤


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