Wow..  I was totally going to write about a couple of fabulous, serendipitous occurrences, but when I looked up the definition of serendipity, I found that it’s one of the most difficult words to describe or define.  So I’ll tell you my story; you tell me what you think.

To clarify, I think of serendipity as something that goes wrong, but turns out to be a wonderful thing.  Or an accident that happens that allows something fabulous to happen that could never have happened otherwise.  So far today, two really cool things have happened that started out looking like DOOM.

First, I tried to make a payment on our daughter’s college bill. I had set up the payment plan last month… or so I thought.  I logged in to find that not only was there no payment plan set up, but that there was a late fee assessed to her account.  Can you feel the sinking heart?  Dropped straight into my stomach…  Turns out I didn’t actually sign up for the payment plan.  I know I went through the motions.  Not sure what happened.  After all the emails, it turns out that they are waiving the late fee.  They are NOT charging me the $50 to be on the payment plan. And I still get to make two payments.  Yay ME!!

Second, I made a purchase at a “special” price through an offer I got in my email.  Of course all the: “It’s worth $XXX but you only pay $XX” is fine.  And once they hit a price I could live with, I bought it.  Funny thing is they kept sending me the emails saying they were extending the offer for so many days, and then okay just a couple more days.. Okay. No biggie.  They just didn’t turn off the email system or realize that I had already bought their product at that price.  Well… imagine my surprise when this morning I get an email offering it to me for $28 less than I paid!  I emailed them, told them I wanted that price and before I could even check, they had issued me a refund!

That’s $78 I didn’t spend!   In one day!  In fairness, I must admit that I did not win the lottery on Wednesday, but with these two small items, I almost feel like I did.  I have always been a fan of serendipity, whatever the “actual” definition is.  In this season of “Too much month left at the end of my money” I am quite pleased with these happenstances.  Score one for the little person!

As we visit the Autumnal Equinox this weekend, may your season be one of serendipity.  Happy discoveries found along the way while searching for something else.  Have a blessed weekend! ~ d ❤

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