Happy Halloween!!!


I love Halloween!!  It has been a favorite since I was a child.  You see, my birthday is two days after.  I didn’t always get a “birthday” but I did get Halloween.  We would climb into the back of the pick up and my dad would drive us through the countryside, stopping at houses along the way.  I remember my hair flying in the wind, and how soft it was after the ride – completely windblown and tangled, but soft as a new kitten’s fur.

It wasn’t about the candy.  It was about the event.  The dressing up. The break from the norm.  I was always a gypsy.  It’s an easy costume. A scarf. Some bracelets. A long skirt. I loved it!

I miss it. Those times when all was right with the world.  Nothing to do but be a kid.  I didn’t have a lot of days like those.  I felt like I never had a childhood. That I was always a grown up.  In my early 20’s I celebrated being a kid.  I did what I wanted and no one could stop me.  The. Best.

And now here I am, a grown up.  Still a gypsy.  Still doing what I want… kinda. No one can stop me… sorta.  No one but me.  Life is too short to not play dress up, and fly around the countryside, laughing, and relishing in the freedom of wind in my hair.  Hmmm.. where’d I put that broom?