A Fall Wedding…


The day has finally arrived!  Our dear friends and neighbors’ daughter is getting married this evening!  I can hardly believe it.  She’s only a couple months older than our daughter!  Where does the time go?  One day you are buying her first ballet shoes and the next you are dancing at her wedding?  I’m almost certain there is a time warp…

Fall is such a beautiful time for a wedding.  I suppose when you are in love that anytime is a beautiful time for a wedding.  Since our anniversary is in the fall, I can appreciate anniversaries in such a lovely time of year.  It’s definitely cuddle weather.  Romantic walks in the park that hold the glory of autumn.  This is what is pictured on a wedding day… the future, in all its yet to be seen splendor.

The Bride-to-be is someone who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.  She specializes in hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  She is a stunningly beautiful girl.  She has an easy smile and a big heart.  All these traits will serve her well in the coming years of married life.  But it’s the dedication and hard work that will be her greatest assets, because THAT is what it takes to make a successful marriage.  I can only imagine how proud her parents must be of the woman she’s become, as they give their little girl’s hand in marriage.  To them I say congratulations, and well done.

I can’t believe how much I am choking up as I write this.  Having seen this young girl blossom into a woman has been a rare gift.  It gives me hope for the future and the weddings of our own daughters…. in the far far far future.  I believe one of the true joys of life is seeing who your children become.  Admiring their strengths and seeing them overcome their weaknesses.  Making their way in the world, regardless of our best efforts to screw them up royally.  They blossom in spite of it all, leaving us in awe of how it all went so fast.

Tonight we will celebrate joyfully at the joining of two hearts, the beginning of a lifelong journey, in a season of beauty and love.

…now where did I put those dancing shoes?


[image found here:  http://www.delawareweddings.com/index.php/fall-wedding-trends/%5D



2 thoughts on “A Fall Wedding…

  1. Catching up on your blog….I’ve been too busy lately!
    Thanks for your kind words about my beautiful daughter. Her wedding was a wonderful day! Hard to believe its already been a month (plus) since that day. So glad you were able to share in our joyous day. It wouldn’t have been the same without you! Love you bunches!

    • Yes. And barely two months later… we can see what she’s been working hard at! hahahah… Couldn’t resist. We had a wonderful time! Thanks for having us. It’s easy to say kind things about people when they’re true…

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