Make Your Day!


Did that smile make your day?  Yes?  AWESOME!  No? Then what will?  You see, things like happiness are a choice.  We must choose happiness.  We do that by ignoring the things around us that vie for our attention.  Give your attention to something worthy of your time.  Like.. YOU.

It can be work to find the joy in our day. Sometimes you must dig deep to find one thing that makes you smile. Find one thing that doesn’t suck.  But don’t get stuck on that last sentence because that is a distraction from finding your joy today.  Nothing sucks. Ignore that and look for what makes you smile today.

It can be joy to find the work in our day.  That’s right.  I said it.  Some days are a lot of work but if you put your mind on your task and go all in, you may find that it is not unlike meditating.  Keep your hands busy and your mind will calm down.  Sometimes you hit a point where your mind can actually relax and gain insight into whatever is trying to steal your joy.  Stay busy physically so you can be peaceful mentally.

Sounds too simple to be true?  Give it a try.  Report back.  I’d love to know how it turned out.

xoxoxo, ~ D




Baby, it’s cold outside…


Wow! It’s a bit nippy!  I think the low was forecast for 9 degrees last night.  I didn’t check the accuracy.  I just went to bed – warm and safe.  I never want to take that for granted.

Time moves so quickly.  A year has zipped by with no help from us at all.  It is said that time is a man-made concept.  Like many man-made constructs, it has taken on a life of its own.  Time rules our lives.  And it does so because we let it.

It’s safe to say that this moment is all we have.  This year I am hoping to live more in the moment than in the trappings of the moment.  All this shall fall away, and we will be left with just ourselves.  I do enjoy my own company but I treasure the company of friends and loved ones.  May this year be filled with more moments spent together with those we love.  The way this occurs is for us to make it happen.  I intend to do just that.

Happy New Year – one more time.  Shine, sparkle, live, and love.  It’s the obvious choice.

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Smile <3 Time to get back to work…


Night before last, I noticed the Cheshire Cat smiling down at me from the sky.  A perfect sliver of a moon, bearing the Cheshire Cat’s smile. I smiled back.

A possible origin of the phrase “Grinning like a Cheshire Cat” is one favored by the people of Cheshire, which boasts numerous dairy farms; hence the cats grin because of the abundance of milk and cream.

I have been absent from my blog.  It happened in October when a strange occurrence found me.  I will speak more about this in the coming days, but I was so taken aback by the coincidence that I found myself at a loss to speak of it.

If the Cheshire Cat’s grin is because of an abundance of milk and cream, then today I choose to embrace that message.  I am looking forward to some abundance.  Not just the monetary variety but of much more tangible weight.  Abundance of charity, for myself and others.  Abundance of opportunities, for each of us.  Abundance of friendships, kindred spirits, common goals that bloom with the love and attention given them.  Abundance of love – for self, for others, for each other, for friends and for those with whom we disagree.  For truly love is the answer.

I go forward today with a smile for the gifts we will see in 2014.  For so many, 2013 was a real heart breaker.  My prayer today is for you to feel the hope of the promise of tomorrow.  As always, thanks for sharing in this journey with me.  My gratitude is eternal and perpetual. Blessings of this beautiful season.  (I would say “cold” but my sister lives in southern Florida and she rarely gets to enjoy a chill.  <3)