Misty morning


Tis a beautiful, brisk morning here in Maryland.  The chilly air is fabulous… as long as you have a sweater.  The leaves are just starting to get a tinge of color.  Soon they’ll be leaping to their death and we will delight in the beauty of their demise.  The seasons trudge on…

As I drove in this morning, there was a light mist hanging in open flat areas.  Nestled in among groupings of trees.  Hovering a foot or so off the ground.  I love misty mornings.  Everything seems so dreamlike and untouched by time.

The mist speaks to me, of stillness and silence.  The mist calls me to patience and faith.  It settles in and waits for the right time.  My memory is jarred and I recall knowing that all is well, regardless of circumstances and outward appearance.  Though the sunshine will absorb the mist, I am happy to have seen it.  Happy to have enjoyed its beauty and simple stillness.  Today I will be still, be patient and have faith.

Good things come to those who wait.  I’ve waited many seasons and the timing still doesn’t seem quite right.  I do have faith that when the time IS right, I’ll know.  For now I’ll bask in the beauty of the seasons as they come and go.  Just like the mist.

Today, may the beauty of the season bring you the gifts of stillness, patience and faith.

~ Diane


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