Wow… Tuesday was a whirlwind…


Going nonstop can be very productive, but not when it comes to blogging.  Perhaps my “getting organized” will help me to have more time.  One can only hope.

Today is no less full.  Doctor’s appointment with my younger daughter.  But in theory that puts me home early.  I’ll plan now to make up a schedule to adhere to when I get home from work each day.  Even a poor plan is better than no plan.  I’ll start there and tweak it as I go.  Tweaking is superior to twerking.  Just sayin…

The fall skies are a brilliant blue.  The sunrises are spectacular.  The chilly evenings are conducive to bonfires and fireplaces in use.  Apple cider sounds like a good reward for the evening’s accomplishments.  I think I’ll make it so.

The project of organization is slow to materialize.  Let’s hope that means it’s coming together in a sturdy fashion.  I’ll cross my fingers and keep moving forward.

Have a lovely little Wednesday! ~ D

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