Fare well, September..


September’s end is upon us.  What a beautiful month it has been.  There have been a LOT of ups and downs, but I choose to focus on the good.  There was plenty of it to be had.

I learned something this weekend that was pretty cool. The mere act of observation can completely change the outcome of an event! For example, light shines in waves or beams or whatever translates to your brain.  However, when a person OBSERVES the light, the light changes what it’s doing.  CRAZY!

This leads me to think of the allegation, “what you focus on expands.”  Given this piece of information – that observing something makes it change what it does or how it behaves, is a BIG push to only focus on the good things going on. “Light bulb moment” doesn’t begin to describe it for me.

I have been focusing on whatever is in my path lately.  Hence, it’s gotten to be a rather large path so I can fit LOTS of things on it.  This translates to distraction, because you can’t keep more than seven things in your brain at one time ~  Believe me – I’ve tried.  If you don’t make a point to ignore the negative and contrary items in your way, then they easily grab your attention.  Again, THEY GRAB YOUR ATTENTION.  It’s an act or react kind of thinking process.  If you don’t consciously ignore them, they are always in your line of sight.  Easier said than done – yes, I get that.  But what if you are able to ignore just ONE thing that is negative and, in turn, focus on ONE thing that is positive?  It would stand to reason that the inversely proportional benefit of just that one process would be so beneficial that, perhaps you would THEN have an easier time focusing on the positive rather than the negative the next day.  If you continue to apply that one-for-one mechanism daily, what would that look like in a month’s time?  I’ll tell you this: I intend to find out.

I will focus on one positive thing each day for the next 30 days, and also ignore one negative.  I will employ the one-for-one tactic and see if my results are substantial.  …and suddenly I’m a scientist, with a hypothesis and a theory to be tested!  Yay ME!!!  How scientific can it be if it’s just me..?  Feel free to put the one-for-one plan into practice yourself.  What have you got to lose, except some negativity?


[image found here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=450810904969671&set=a.164481990269232.46758.161564697227628&type=1&theater%5D


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