Seasons of love…


My husband and I just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.  Twenty-two years is a long time. lol..  We have done our share of laughing and crying, whispering and yelling, living and learning and loving.  What a beautiful thing to make it this far.  We are so lucky.

Really?  Are we lucky?   Certainly we are, lucky to have found each other and lucky to have made it this far.  But luck isn’t what got us here.  It was dedication and hard work and teamwork.  We have had some big bumps in the road.  Sometimes the hills were hard to climb.  Occasionally, we’d stumble and skin a knee or break a hand, pull a muscle.  That’s when the other of us had to reach out and take the reins for both of us.  That’s when we grew stronger – in the hard times and the way we responded to them.

I received the most beautiful gift from my husband on Saturday.  No, it wasn’t jewelry or the beautiful roses he had waiting at the restaurant or the wonderful card he gave me.  Those were supreme efforts for a man with no natural romantic sense.  I applaud them and appreciate them fully – small gestures mean so much.  But they pale in comparison to the best gift I got.  You see, my unromantic husband does this thing where he will say something that is the most incredible compliment anyone has every given me.  Usually offhand in a “drive by” kind of statement he’ll make an observation and it will melt my heart.  This time wasn’t a drive by, but it was a spontaneous moment – one that cannot be repeated – a once in a lifetime chance to speak to my heart.  Those are gifts you cannot put a price tag on.  Those moments are what keeps me here, through hills and tears and bumps in the road.  All those years I spent desperately searching for someone to love me were what kept me going.  Never did I expect to find a man who adores me, warts and all.  I am in awe.  And I am so lucky.

The seasons of searching and preparing and waiting were so worth it.  It felt like an eternity of waiting, but I’d wait another eternity to do it all again.

Love is work.  Day in.  Day out.  Winter.  Spring.  Summer.  Fall. The rewards are only known to those who make it through the hard times.  I highly recommend putting in the work.


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