It’s always something…


A few weeks ago I was having a great Saturday. I was productive.  I got a lot done.  My goal was to sit on the deck and enjoy the evening.  Finally, after many thwarted attempts, I plopped myself down in a chair and sighed loudly.  Yes!  Finally here!

That’s when I realized I needed to tinkle.  I sighed again.  “It’s always something!”

Yes, it does seem there is always something that needs doing to keep us from the things we’d rather be doing.  When nature calls, you can’t exactly ignore that too long.  So I went ahead and took care of that issue, and to be honest – I don’t even recall if I got back to the deck that night.  It’s always something…

The important things in life need to take precedence.  I remember once saying to a woman friend I ran into that I just did not have enough time.  Her reply: “You need to take more time for yourself.”  …I’m sorry.. Perhaps you didn’t hear me…  I am already out of time…

Turns out a few weeks later, I learned that she was correct.  I must recharge my batteries.  The demands on my time are many and my time is not.  So I have decided that part of my “organization” plan will be to set aside a chunk of time for myself each day or evening after work and on the weekends.  Not time where I sit and do nothing, but time where I stop and do something for ME.  Some “thing” that I desire to do.

It is ALWAYS SOMETHING.  Never a moment to breathe it seems somedays.  My grandmother used to say, “If it’s not one thing, it’s three.”  She was a wise woman in more ways than one.  Hmmm… perhaps a study of her lifestyle would do me good.  I think I”ll put that on my “to do” list… for another day…

So Happy It’s Thursday!  Who’s with me??!!

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