We now return to our regularly scheduled programing…


Remember this image?  Baby boomers might but our kids probably have never seen it.  I’m not adding the sound effects, but if you know the image, you know the sound.  Off the air…

…And we’re back!  That little football diversion didn’t go as planned. lol.  Funny how when I write a post I think is FABULOUS, I get zero feedback.  Then again, I’ll throw something on here because I’m running behind and just want to say “hey I’m alive” and “BAM” people love it! Go figure.

One might think that with all the years of living under my belt, I’d be more “seasoned” when it comes to expectations.  I have given up noticing expectations of others on how I behave.  But I have not given up my own expectations of my behavior.  As long as I do my best, that should be enough.  And it totally is… as long as it plays out the way I intended.  With all the talk of intention lately, I must admit that I’m all about intention.. But intention leads to follow-through and well… I struggle.

A seasoned veteran in disappointment, I believe in the phrase:   He who hath no expectations is not disappointed.  No denying the truth of that, but when the expectations are my own, of myself… I better bring it.

Today I will remember that I can only control what I do, what my actions are, and what my reactions are.  Surely I’ve lived long enough to know that.  I think it’s my heart that gets in the way.  I need to follow through on what I say, or not say it.  I need to do what I said I would, or keep my chicken lips shut.  The road to hell… well.. we know how that goes.  The one redeeming quality I find there is that I will have SPECTACULAR TRAVELING COMPANIONS!

The heat is due back in Baltimore today.  I can’t wait..  (Insert sarcastic face here)  Have a wonderful day.  After all, you’re in charge of how you react to it.  (Personally, I’m keeping my mouth shut and crossing my fingers.  Yepp.  Tried and true. )

Onward and upward…


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