Harder than ever…



I would have thought


just as time heals all wounds

that Today I’d be better

Today I’d be prepared

to go about my life in an ordinary fashion

As if Today

Were a somewhat ordinary day.

This morning, as everything went wrong

I trudged on – chip firmly on my shoulder

like it’s glued there.

Today as I bitched and moaned

on the ride in to work

and continued after I got here

I began to know

that Today will never be

an ordinary day.

It can never be what it once was to any of us.

And as I grumble and complain

About the most trivial of life’s ordinary woes

There are those who sit silently

Mourning a loss that I personally do not know.

Real, tangible, still-a-bleeding-wound loss.

And I am ashamed

to complain about the tiny hurts I carry

as if the mother of all burdens is mine.

And perspective slices open the bandage on my eyes

And I see

That I know nothing of mourning.


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