Are you ready for some football?


Since the theme of September is seasons, I must give a nod to football season.  Whether you love football or not, it’s hard to escape the fact that football season is here.  I am totally ready for some football because – win or lose – I’m a fan.

When you see the cartoon above of Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football – it probably stirs up memories of childhood.  Well for the baby boomers it should.  I was one of the believers… That one day.. ONE DAY…  Lucy would actually let Charlie Brown kick the football.  She had to.  It was only fair.  Come on, Lucy.  THIS time.  Okay… How about THIS TIME?  No?  Okay, well… surely this time…?  No?  …I see.

You ever feel like Charlie Brown?  That THIS time HAS to be the time?  Okay!  I’m ready!  THIS TIME FOR SURE!

I hate that bitch Lucy sometimes.  Can’t she ever just be nice?  Always gotta show us ONE MORE TIME that we must wait.  I felt bad for poor CB as he landed flat on his back again.  He just never seemed to catch a break.  Or kick a football.

While it bums me out, I refuse to be Charlie Brown.  I am kicking the football.  Because it’s football season, people! It’s time for a winning mindset!  It’s the season of “this time for sure” no matter the outcome.  Because you have to believe.  You have to keep your chin up.  You have to suck it up, grit your teeth, run like mad and kick that ball this time… even if someone pulls it away. Because you can’t control anyone else’ actions but your own.  It doesn’t matter if they pull the ball away.  That’s on them.   Your job is to do what you know you can do.  What you are here to do.  You have GOT to kick that football.  And if you accidentally miss and kick Lucy in the head.. Well..  I kinda figure she had it coming.

Happy Monday.  Happy football season.  Get your game on.


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