Where To Begin…

So here it is! My first blog post for Blue Moon Sisters! Woo hoo!!  Let the games begin!!!

I must admit, that there have been a lot of times that I wondered if this would ever really happen.  If I would ever really get my website up and running.  If I would ever post even one word to a blog about Blue Moon Sisters.  If at first you don’t succeed… just keep screaming and pulling out your hair!  Hah!  I cannot even tell you how many walls I hit trying to make progress.  Five and six hour sessions only to have made ZERO progress.  The proper response aside from screaming and pulling out my hair was to throw in a good batch of tears of frustration.  I may have mentioned to my wonderful, patient husband that I was CLEARLY an idiot at least once.  A day. For a month or so.  He insisted I would figure it out.  He had faith in me.  Well, that made one of us.

don't quit

I don’t have any experience in website building.  To say I stumbled through it would be quite the understatement.  Somehow I kept coming back to try one more time. Again. And again. Patience is a virtue… a hard to find, vindictive virtue with no sense of humor. But thank God for my patience and perseverance. After all, this is my dream. What a trial to keep coming back. Luckily, I was unable to abandon my destiny. This project is my baby.

Blue Moon Sisters. I just love that name.  It is a perfect representation of these women who are my dearest friends.  We only get to see each other once in a blue moon.  They are my sisters, my compatriots, my partners in crime.  Whether separated by distance, time or the busyness of life, the bonds of friendship cannot be denied.  It can’t just be me that feels this way.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to be without a Blue Moon Sister.  Someone who loves you warts and all.  And I have so very many.  I’ll be celebrating my Blue Moon Sisters in this blog from time to time.  After all, that’s why we’re here – to name this bond we share – to celebrate the gifts of friendship and sisterhood. To recognize and claim the blessing of like-minded women.  Anyone with a Blue Moon Sister knows precisely what I mean.

I  bid you welcome! Thank you for sharing this journey and recognizing its importance. After all, it’s about the journey – not the destination.  Onward.


4 thoughts on “Where To Begin…

  1. Let me know how I can help, even if it is just to bend my ear. Best of luck on your new venture! I love you girl!

  2. Wow! My friend the blogger! How amazing and thoughtful is your name!? Love it! …and your first post! You make me feel special and loved! Best wishes on your new adventure! I love you!

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