Cold hands, warm heart. Um… okay.  How about just plain cold.  Hard to judge if someone’s hands are cold because of the weather or WHETHER it’s a sure sign that they have a warm heart.  I think it’s easy to discern which type of heart someone has.  It’s by their actions.

What many people do not realize is that even if they don’t know it, oftentimes their cold hearts are a subconscious decision that they accidentally made.  Think about it… We all know someone who has had a hard life, and by many accounts should be a miserable, mean, cold-hearted person. Yet they are anything but cold. They are warm and loving and fun and happy.  It’s because they realize the value of a lifetime. They understand that even if this is not the ideal life, it’s the only life they are going to get so they might as well LIVE and enjoy the life they have been given.  These people are held in such high esteem by me personally. I have been blessed many times over in life, yet still find myself sidetracked by negativity of my own mind.  I focus on the bad drive to work. I am annoyed by the headlines. I am saddened by humanity’s treatment of one another, and the notion that any of us are better than, or hold more value than someone else.  Ewww…  see?  I already am thinking how sucky that is.  But wait….

I am blessed. Yes, it’s a cold world.  Yes, people will hurt you. Yes, shit happens that you can’t change.  And you know what?  That’s okay. That is how life works.  Your job is to learn to be welcoming and warm to those you meet.  We need to learn to forgive those who hurt us, because they are just lashing out because THEY have been hurt.  That shit that just happened to hurt you?  Learn the lesson it brought you – even if you don’t like it.  That would be a waste of an opportunity.  We learn everyday.  Good, bad or ugly. We all learn and hopefully, we let it shape us in good ways.  With empathy and not apathy.  With hope and not despair. With right thinking rather than stinkin’ thinkin’ – which is all too easy to do.

I am blessed today by your presence.  I thank those who are on this journey with me.  I am grateful for the cold outside, because it gives me the opportunity to be warm on the outside to people who need warmth.  And I am so grateful for the warm people who love me.


Happy Halloween!!!


I love Halloween!!  It has been a favorite since I was a child.  You see, my birthday is two days after.  I didn’t always get a “birthday” but I did get Halloween.  We would climb into the back of the pick up and my dad would drive us through the countryside, stopping at houses along the way.  I remember my hair flying in the wind, and how soft it was after the ride – completely windblown and tangled, but soft as a new kitten’s fur.

It wasn’t about the candy.  It was about the event.  The dressing up. The break from the norm.  I was always a gypsy.  It’s an easy costume. A scarf. Some bracelets. A long skirt. I loved it!

I miss it. Those times when all was right with the world.  Nothing to do but be a kid.  I didn’t have a lot of days like those.  I felt like I never had a childhood. That I was always a grown up.  In my early 20’s I celebrated being a kid.  I did what I wanted and no one could stop me.  The. Best.

And now here I am, a grown up.  Still a gypsy.  Still doing what I want… kinda. No one can stop me… sorta.  No one but me.  Life is too short to not play dress up, and fly around the countryside, laughing, and relishing in the freedom of wind in my hair.  Hmmm.. where’d I put that broom?

The Dance

Today is a day of grieving for my family.  Well, it’s ANOTHER day of grieving.  We lost my nephew in a tragic car accident last Wednesday night.  Today is his memorial service.  The pain surrounding all associated with this ordeal is horrific.  It just doesn’t stop.

This is a day when we give thanks for the joy of knowing him.  This is a day we celebrate his life.  This is a day we formally acknowledge as “farewell.”

Farewell. Godspeed.  Til we meet again.


The Dance ~ Garth Brooks