Winter’s Here!!!


We got the first few flakes of snow for this winter. It was beautiful, I’m sure… if you were not in the car.  Overall not terrible, but people just lose their minds when the weather changes.  Just crazy.

I was glad to see it sticking. Even if only for a few hours, that small smattering of snow signals the change of seasons, and the turning of the wheel of the year. It’s a time to reflect. To hunker down, hibernate. Settle in for the winter. Riiiiiiight….

I believe we are supposed to do just that – settle in, reflect, and wait until spring comes again.  So far this fall we have had four birthdays, gotten lined up for swimming for the high school for our final year, the same with dancing at the high school, college midterms, repaired or replaced appliances or systems in the house, began decorating for Thanksgiving, which is next week.  Then are swim meets, driving to Florida for Christmas – taking the dog, and heading back before the new year. I’m tired just reading it back…

But it will be a grand time of family and friends, feasting and celebrating, love and laughter. By the time spring comes, we’ll be ready to step outside.

It helps to try to get outside any time you can during the winter. The rays of the sun still help to build Vitamin D and perhaps boost the spirits of we who suffer from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. I recommend the spice turmeric, and if you can find it combined with black pepper, all the better! Airborne, Immune C, teas and lozenges, should all be on hand. Take care of yourself this winter.  Stay warm. Enjoy the time with those you love.

~ Peace


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