What you make it

Today I have an opportunity. The opportunity is to DECIDE how my day will go.  I can face the day with courage and joy or I can nurse the fever blister that popped up on my lip yesterday and feel sorry for myself.  I REALLY want to go with the latter, because I loathe fever blisters and they ALWAYS happen when I have something coming up for which I want to look nice.  Nothing says “I’m pitiful” better than a cold sore on your lip.  No one can miss that.  It’s totally “in your face” and ON your face at the same time.  I can’t like it.

I always notice how stressed I am AFTER the fever blister pops up.  If I notice my urgent state of mind that indicates the dormant virus is looking for a place to manifest, I can pre-treat my stress by paying attention to my body and not overreacting to the crazy stuff that happens.  I can drink plenty of water and pour Airborne down my throat constantly.  I can relax or meditate or just be still and consciously NOT react to stimuli.  IF I notice it in time…

NOPE. Not this time.  Too many irons in the fire. All of them hot, all of them urgent, all of them vying for my attention.  **sigh**

After a walk with the pup, I’m off to start my day.  What’s that look like?  I will let you know when I DECIDE. ❤ Happy Thursday!


[image (and good info!) found here:  http://readyforhappiness.com/2014/02/12/happiness-is-a-choice/%5D


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