This morning on Facebook I took a quiz – what is your theme song?  I got Titanium by David Guetta.  I have heard the song in passing but I don’t know the singer. It’s a pretty good song.  I guess it fits.  I’m resilient. I’m a fighter. I don’t back down. I keep going.

Yes. That’s a fitting song. But I am wondering if there is a song called “Exhaustion” or “Please.. just a couple more hours sleep…” or.. Well you get the idea.  I’m kind of running on empty lately.  Hey!  Now THERE’S  a song I know!!  I may be bulletproof but I’m also pretty freaking tired.  I gotta get my semi-coffeed behind up off the couch and take the pup for a walk because he is wired for sound. The cat is SUPER pissed.

Now… where’d I put those walking shoes?


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