Last Night on Earth… From October 20, 2013


What would you do if tonight were your last night on Earth?  I don’t mean in a religious sense so much, but more in a “how will you spend your last night on Earth?  what would you consciously change?”

Yes, you could have your family together?  But that may be difficult depending on proximity.  Spontaneity is the only plan, unless you already had plans and kept them.  I’m curious as to what people would do.  If there was one person you wanted to spend it with or one great memory to leave them.  You wouldn’t know if it were your last night in advance.  In theory it could be tonight.. right now. How will you live your life tonight?

I’m going to try this.  It’s about 5:30 p.m. and I’m kinda tired.  Worked in the yard for a few hours today.  Going out with Mike to see our buddies’ band play.  Going to have some dinner.  This will be a cool experiment.  Hope I see you tomorrow. LOL. If not, fare ye well.


So.. I survived and lived like it was my last night on the planet.  What a great time.  I’ll post more tomorrow, but it was a great experiment. ❤

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