Make Your Day!


Did that smile make your day?  Yes?  AWESOME!  No? Then what will?  You see, things like happiness are a choice.  We must choose happiness.  We do that by ignoring the things around us that vie for our attention.  Give your attention to something worthy of your time.  Like.. YOU.

It can be work to find the joy in our day. Sometimes you must dig deep to find one thing that makes you smile. Find one thing that doesn’t suck.  But don’t get stuck on that last sentence because that is a distraction from finding your joy today.  Nothing sucks. Ignore that and look for what makes you smile today.

It can be joy to find the work in our day.  That’s right.  I said it.  Some days are a lot of work but if you put your mind on your task and go all in, you may find that it is not unlike meditating.  Keep your hands busy and your mind will calm down.  Sometimes you hit a point where your mind can actually relax and gain insight into whatever is trying to steal your joy.  Stay busy physically so you can be peaceful mentally.

Sounds too simple to be true?  Give it a try.  Report back.  I’d love to know how it turned out.

xoxoxo, ~ D




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