By any other name…


What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
      By any other name would smell as sweet;

What IS in a name?  Do our names matter?  If I had named my daughter Olivia rather than Victoria, would her life have been different?  Would she be different that the woman she is today?  I wonder about things like this.  Because you can never tell what affects someone and what won’t.

I thought long and hard on what we named our daughters.  Their father vetoed many names I liked, and I returned the favor. The results were fabulous.  Two regal sets of names for two tiny people.. who are now nearly grown women.  All the nicknames they have acquired are still used, depending on the day and the events therein.  Though I was sure I would, I have never once used their full names pre-scolding to let them know just how much trouble they were in.  They have grown up names.  The scoldings were aimed at little girls, with kid-sized names and kid-sized mistakes.

Marissa Annette and Victoria Danielle are names that belong to our tomboy daughters.  The same ones who clean up like fairy princesses, and tire of hearing how beautiful they are …from someone in their American Lit class, or a boy in the lunch line.  Their names may be unknown to those who offer them compliments, but the view is not dependent on what they are called.  They are beautiful regardless of names, or sweat pants, or bedhead.  I think it would be the same were they named Ethel and Agnes. No disrespect to Ethel or Anges – I’m sure they, too, are beautiful in their own right.

Here’s to little girls with long names.  And sweet smelling roses…


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