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What a week!  Crazy stuff!  Crazy busy!  What next?

Well, I can’t answer that question as I possess few clairvoyant abilities but I’m pretty sure more of the same.  Life.  Life is what is going on, in all its vain weakness and urgent need.  Tomorrow is another day… for most of us.

It has been difficult to learn to turn off the pain.  It is absolutely an acquired skill as pain can be hard to ignore.  When it takes over your mind and pitches a tent, it’s time to formulate an eviction plan.

Detachment is the key to blocking out pain.  If you can step away and look at your circumstances from a “big picture” view, it can help you gain clarity and perspective.  What we are going through is not unique to us.  I would venture to say that 99.9% of our hurts are common to mankind – not unique or isolated in the least.   Certainly there are exceptions, but for the most part we endure similar experiences, like it or not.  I’ve never been good at pushing pain away or blocking it out.  And when I was able to,  it usually took a light bulb moment to make me see the need to let go.

I cannot bear the burden of pain – literally.  My life is too full and too busy.  I am treading water mentally as it is, just to keep up with the demands on my time.  I MUST gain an angle that enables me to see objectively if I am to move past it.  I have to see it for what it is and release it.  It will still be a truth, but at least I can see that carrying the burden will NEVER be my friend.  I will only harm myself continuously if I make the decision to hang on to what is breaking me.  Like grasping a hot coal, the longer I hold it in my fist, the worse the wound and the longer the recovery time. Scarring is a certainty.

Suffering is optional.  I’ve heard this said and I believe it to be true.  I also know that sometimes it takes a while to be able to let go of pain and move past the suffering.  Suffering is the outcome of dwelling in pain.  I have suffered enough.  If I can let it go, I will.  And if I can’t let it go, then I’ll work at it until I can do so.

I understand what it’s like to carry baggage through life.  I don’t like being encumbered.  However, until I focus on an issue and am able to see the reality of what holding onto it means, what it is doing to me, I will suffer.  I will be tired.  Because carrying baggage, day in and day out, is exhausting.  It weakens you.  It steals your joy.  It drains your perseverance and disables your ability to maintain.  I can’t do it.  It’s just too hard.

Find one thing to let go of, one thing to lighten your burden. Offer it up as a gift to tomorrow.  See what it feels like to release that weight from your heartstrings.  It may not be easy, but the relief is a gift without equal.

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy some time with those you love.  Do something nice for YOU.  You are worth it – I promise.

[image found here: http://th392.photobucket.com/albums/pp4/synergyscrap/th_normal_Pain_Is_Inevitable_Suffering.jpg%5D


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