Yay! October!


With all the insanity raging in Washington today, keep calm sounds like a good plan.  I don’t want to expend any excess energy on that nonsense, so I choose to wait and see.

Yesterday I decided to turn a negative into a positive by being GLAD that a driver pulled out in front of me, rather than wait for me to pass.  They were clearly in a hurry, and I may have held them up and had to deal with tailgating and the like.  I said a prayer for them to arrive safely at their destination –and was happy.  Then I decided to enjoy the thought of driving my van.  The prefix “en” is from the Greek and means “to bring”.  When you enjoy something, you BRING JOY to it.  I brought joy to mind yesterday related to my van which is reliable, comfortable, and a freaking tank that keeps me and the family safe when we are in it.  It’s got bells & whistles & REALLY GREAT TUNES.  It’s not my dream car, but I do love it.  So I focused on how much I love it.  It was a delightful afternoon.

That is my one-for-one practice that I decided to try yesterday.  I intend to do it all month and see what changes.  I’m pretty excited by the prospect.

Today I choose to be grateful for the government shutdown.  I will pray that it has a purpose that results in BETTER.  Better everything.  Better anything.  It better… BAHAHA… I crack me up sometimes.  …not really this time, but at least I can still laugh.

Keep calm.  Welcome, October.  Breathe.

[image found here: http://www.keepcalmandposters.com/poster/keep-calm-and-welcome-october-2%5D


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