The time of your life


I recall a song talking about “These are the good old days” and I think that is true.  So often we wait to “be happy” because we’re waiting for x, y or z to happen.  Sometimes a, b or c will happen and that is what throws us for a loop.  We are sucked in by a problem and it distracts us from all else around us.

We make our own happiness. It’s a decision, just like love.  Think about it.  We have all known someone who was beset with many trials and tribulations and they seem to have a smile on their face anyway.  Why not us?  Oh, well.. they’re just a stronger person. They haven’t had to deal with what I’ve had to deal with.  The list goes on and on. The lies we tell ourselves. The truth is that we all also know many who have been, or perhaps now are in worse shape than we are on the road of life.  It’s not hard to see that we have it so much better than someone else we know.  But we are led astray by our thoughts – the ones that remind us of unfairness or having been wronged or what happened through no fault of our own.  If you give in to these thoughts, you are dwelling in a victim mentality – whether you believe it or not.  YOU are responsible for your thoughts.  YOU are responsible for your actions and reactions.  You. Are.

I’m not saying life is easy but I am saying life is NOW.  Now is the time to realize it’s the time of your life.  Now is all we have.  So cut some flowers from the garden.  Go swing at the park.  Go visit someone you haven’t seen in a while.  Get out of the rut you’re in.  Go have the time of your life today. Life is out there – waiting to be lived.

Life is what you make it.  If you decide to stay the same as yesterday and grouse about it tomorrow, that’s up to you.  YOU.  It took me many seasons to learn this about myself.  Once I got it, I didn’t look back.  Yes, I’ve stumbled – we all have things fly in from nowhere and hit us square in the face.  BAM!  Hard stuff – no fun – not our friend.  But you move past it because life is moving also, and your time to shine, or laugh or just smile is today.  NOW.  YOU.  Do it.

It’s the season of learning.  Learn to seize the day.  Now.

You can do it.


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