Careful what you wish for…


Walking to the building this morning, I thought, “Dang, these things are a lot of work,” as I straightened my bunched up shirt.  The shirt is not the problem – it’s what they’re covering that I am bemoaning.  Yes. It’s the boobs.

That’s kind of funny since, for most of my first 30 years, they were my fondest wish.  Built like Olive Oil, with a sister who was built like the “brick outhouse” we hear about, I was devastated to not have a proper set of “hey guys!  take a look at these!”  (And on that note, let’s just say that God knows what he’s doing… lol)  I used to pray for boobs as a young girl.  Nightly.  Daily. Mirrorly.  **sigh**  Careful what you wish for…

Our oldest daughter was born when I was 31.  Man – I do good work.  And she brought with her my most coveted asset.  Finally!  Woo hoo!  Take a look at these!  Yes.  They were all mine.  They were real and they were spectacular!  They stuck around after I quit nursing her, and they weren’t so bad.  I did miss sleeping on my stomach though.

After a few years, we added another child to the household.  What a little angel!  Slept through the night from ten days old.  Thank God!  Oh, and the previous effect was the same.  Only this time, more stuck around.  Whoopee… yawn…

And now here I am 17 years later.  Seventeen years larger…  and these things seem to be everywhere.  LUCKY ME!  **double sigh**  My once fondest wish is now my constant companion.  Me and “the girls” go everywhere together.  Actually, they’re kind of in charge now.  They do ALL the shirt shopping.

What I desired when I was young, I have acquired as I’ve gotten older.  Now that I have the object of my desire, I see that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  Perhaps if I were still on the hunt for a man, it would be different.  I admit they do make the hubby happy and while that has its merits, I am feeling the strain of my heart’s desire.  Pun intended.

Sometimes the thing we think we want in our youth turns out to be the very thing we learn that we could absolutely do without.  This applies to boobs, and boys, and a bevy of other items.  They say youth is wasted on the young, and now that I am older I understand this to be true.  Now that I am older, I desire simpler things.  Tangible things that last, many of which aren’t physical things but ethereal things. Beauty – in nature.  Blessings.  Peace.  I could definitely use a physical maid but that is a bit off track.  The things I have wished for and acquired have much less value that I imagined they would.  The seasons of my life spent gathering things, have turned into the seasons of my life that are purging these “treasures” from my life.  Careful what you wish for…

I am learning to be content with what I have, because things aren’t what life is about.  Now that I possess the means to “have” things, I find there are less things I need, and far less I desire.  We change in time, as do the seasons.  Hopefully we gain wisdom through all the machinations that teach us..  Many times they teach us things we never wanted to know.  Learn we do, if we are smart or at least paying attention.  Wisdom is oftentimes learning that what we wanted is not what we wanted.  What we get is where we build our lives.  I am still learning that contentment has nothing to do with desires.  I am happy to be content with what I have, because what I have is more than I could have ever dreamed.

Have a great Thursday!  Love ~ D

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