Time to do work!


So the weekend is finally here!  So glad to see Friday.  Lots to do around the house tomorrow.  Gotta get it in gear and make plans for Fall clean up.  It is probably worth noting that I skipped Spring and Summer clean up.  Yeah.. It happens.

Maybe it’s easier for me to get motivated at this time of year.  I think of bonfires, falling leaves, hummingbirds fighting for feeders as they prepare to make their long migration southward to finally cross the Gulf of Mexico for the winter.  We’re all gearing up for something.  Now is the time.

Fall is nature’s planting time.  I like knowing that.  It helps me settle in and think about what I’m planting for next year.  Not so much planting “in the yard” but more in my heart and in my intentions.  You MUST have a plan.  The adage, “People don’t plan to fail.  They fail to plan” is not just a cliche phrase.  I am hoping that with the entrance of the fall season, I’ll be able to make a plan for next year’s garden.  The secret garden that is known only to me, the one hidden behind a locked door to which only I have the key.  Noting that I have the only key is an important detail.  Only I know what I want.  Only I know my heart’s desire.  Only I have the spiritual wherewithal to plant a garden for next year.

The harvest time of fall is perfect to reflect on what you want your harvest to look like next year.  At the end of the summer.  At the end of another season of growth.

Have a beautiful weekend.

[Image found here:  http://www.cartoon-clipart.com/cartoon_clipart_images/clip_art_image_of_a_woman_wearing_boots_and_gloves_pushing_a_wheelbarrow_with_yard_tools_0521-1103-1322-0438_SMU.jpg%5D


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