Fall is on the way…


Fall is in the air here in Maryland.  Chilly mornings, perfect evenings.  The harvest of summer is at hand.  The seasons give us a forward looking heart, I believe.  Fall is my most favorite.  The leaves turn to their glory.  They leap, and float down to their Mother, the Earth, to snuggle in and protect the roots of their original home. The greenery of spring will come in due time.  One season away.

I love fall for the relaxation it offers.  A time to rest and reflect.  Not too hot.  Not too cool.  A moment to just “be” – though all the while Old Man Winter rubs his hands together in anticipation of cold North winds and snowflakes.  They will surely come – to those of us in seasonal climates. I will adore their arrival, but for now.. Just for today… I will bask in the knowing that fall is upon our doorstep.  And she brings with her the colors that inspire love and warm the heart.

As we look at the seasons of our lives in the next month, ushering in the dropping of leaves and the smell of woodsmoke, I urge you to find a few minutes to be still and breathe.  The preparations for winter will be urgent all too soon.  So for now, take a breath of fall air and say a silent prayer of thank you.

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