Can you hear it?


I feel like this is my theme music today!  Okay… all week!  Go Go GO GO GO!!!  Not saying I’m feeling like the Lone Ranger but there is a LOT on my plate.   We leave for vacation on Saturday and there is much to do.  I’ll be running constantly for the next two days.  Perhaps it’s more like three days because we are driving to the beach and then we have to unpack, make beds, get groceries, etc.

Let me rephrase:


Yes, there are a zillion things to do prior to leaving, but I am beyond GRATEFUL for the chance to get away and relax.  Stick my toes in the sand.  Sleep in the hammock with a book.  Eat fresh seafood.  Laugh with my family.  Play games.  Put together a jigsaw puzzle. Watch the sunrise.  Watch the sunset. Gaze at the stars  Sleep late.  Meditate. And just be.

I am grateful today for the vacation of a lifetime.  Every vacation is such whether we realize it or not.  Today is all we have.  We must make each day count.

If I had my choice of theme music today, it would be something that really gets me moving… which is this:

Yeah… it floats my boat.  I’m getting my gratitude in gear today.  I choose to be grateful.  Please, join me.  Have a great day everyone!


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