Early Bird


Yesterday morning it was raining.  I may have mentioned that.

As it is summer, it is possible and likely that I will run into a daughter or two before I leave for work.  Occasionally a husband may appear. Coffee is a magnet for some – it draws you out of bed.  This can delay the start of my trek to work, but it’s so worth it to spend some face time with those you with whom you live and love.

Yesterday as I chatted with Daughter #1, I noticed a hummingbird coming to the feeder in the window.  I also noticed the feeder was empty.  Though there was a good steady rain falling, I got the feeder and refilled it before I left for work.  If that sweet little bird that was so kind as to grace me with her joyous presence so early, the least I could do was have a decent snack for her.

Today I am an early bird.  I arrived at work in record time and, though there wasn’t a decent snack to be found, I am feeling productive.  Had a wonderful cup of coffee and my to do list awaits. Let’s do this!

Whether you are an early bird or a lazy bird today, be blessed this day.  Be grateful for the car that starts or the warm bed that kept you complacent this morning.  There is always much to be grateful for, if we only remember to notice it.


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