Rainy morning here.  I do love the rain. It seems to wash everything clean.

That’s my plan today – to let the rain wash away all the gunk caught inside my head.  (Charming mental picture, no?)  Not literal, physical gunk – but the ideas that keep floating around in my head – swimming by in my peripheral vision – taunting me to pretend I don’t see them.

I see them, but they matter not.  I can’t control everything, and the stark truth is that I don’t need to hold on to my illusion of control.   I let go of the baggage I’m carrying – my burdens are lightened.  Just breathe.  That’s all I need to do.  The thoughts can just float away and melt in the rain.  I have things to do.  I can no longer use random communiques from the recesses of my mind for my compass.

What is mine will come to me.  I just need to focus on preparing myself for the future.

Today I am grateful for the rain that clears my head.

Blessings to you on this fine Tuesday.


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