Once upon a time…

I never stop learning.  I am delighted by this fact, and live in a state of constant gratitude.  Some days are harder than others, but it helps to remember that every day has the potential for a new lesson.

Once upon a time… I told myself a story.  Actually… I tell myself stories every day.  All day.  Rather than take things at face value, my mind “enlightens” me to what’s REALLY in play at the moment.  And you know what?  That is a huge disservice I do myself.  Just because I BELIEVE something about what I see or hear, does not make it true.  Perception is a slippery slope.  I have learned that perception is just that:  WHAT I THINK.  It holds no more or less truth than reality because it is the story I tell myself.  It’s what “i” tell “ME” about what’s really going on at that moment.  Again – it’s a story.  Not all tales we tell are true, regardless of the weight we personally put behind them.

Let the story go.  Stop “reading” into what is happening.  You don’t know.  And neither do I.  It may make us feel important in the moment, or soothe our hurt feelings to explain something away that works for us – in whatever way we need.  But we need to separate the story from the phenomena.  Whatever happened, HAPPENED.

I am learning to not attach emotion to the happenings that cross my path.  I am completely intertwined in my emotions, so this is an especially difficult task for me.  But it’s a practice – something I must incorporate into my daily life – in order for it to become a habit.  There are many philosophies connected with this mindset, but my intention is what’s important.

I intend to stop giving a back story to behaviors, circumstances, altercations, occurrences, etc.  I intend to peel away the emotions that attach themselves to life.  My intention is important, but it’s the practice that will make the difference.

My life is too full to dance on hot coals or arm myself with rhetoric for the ill placed conversation.  I no longer have energy for that.  My desires and demands are solely mine.  It’s all too easy to get whipped up by any number of things that can occur in a day’s time.  Rather than feed into that sadly painful and archaic system, I will remember to be grateful for my life and the people and things in it.

It’s easy to find things to complain about.  I will work to remember that for which I am grateful.  One of those things is you.  Thank you for sharing my journey.


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