Part II (Better late than never..)

I do apologize for the delay.  I got run over by life… three times.. and then I lost count. 


Where was I?  Oh yes!  Gratitude.  Lessons learned.  Loving life.  ..seems so long ago..

When last we spoke, my oldest daughter aged 21 was “holding a place in line” for a concert we were attending.  Read all about it in the previous post.

Her line to me and to my youngest daughter:  “Okay, you can NEVER leave me alone in a line again.”  She was in line in front of a group of “13 year-olds” as she put it.  They were wearing shorts that were cut off, as we used to do as kids.  But these shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination.  She could see their cheeks… with no effort at all.  They stood in line and chatted about boys.. and who wanted to see their boobs… and other charming facts about their lives. 

My daughter was appalled.  She referred to them as prostitutes.  Repeatedly.  She said their mother (one of their mothers) brought them Starbucks in line.  She could not believe that they had let their daughters leave home dressed like that.  And she couldn’t stop talking about it. 

“When I have daughters they will NEVER have such screwed up priorities!”

As a mom, who worked like a dog to be sure my girls have good self esteem, I am in love with the above statement.  I love my girls, and all girls who struggle and those who don’t.  Take the good when you find it.  Just be sure you remember to look for it, because sometimes the good is hidden.

Blessings to you on this fine Friday!


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