Today… I bring you “Tomorrow”


I will gather my wits about me
and begin again
as I have begun before
and before
and again.

the day
when I begin my life
as we each do
each day
whether we see it as such
or not

we begin.

today is the day I began to know
that tomorrow
was the day
is the day
will be the day
when I start again
to follow my heart
and my path
to myself
wherever that is
wherever I am
wherever I’m led
to be me.

I wonder if I’ll find myself
But I don’t know if I’m lost
really lost

or just wandering
or meandering
or dragging my feet.

I don’t know why I drag my feet.
But drag them I do.

I should be running
with joy
with fervor
with the winds

of change.

Change is hard.  Same is easy.
Same may suck.
But lazy doesn’t care.
High-strung and lazy.
What a ghastly combination.
It’s me.
I am.
High strung
and lazy.

But sometimes I wonder
if my laziness is on purpose
That my timing is incorrect
So I must dally a bit longer
Accomplishing the mundane
Ignoring the task for which I am here
Until the time is upon me to begin
Because Timing


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