Just Keep Swimming


Treading water?  Yeah, I think I am as well.  I won’t know if that’s true until I reach the shoreline.  Or the dock.  Or the edge of the pool.  You see, I’m swimming but I don’t know what I’m swimming IN.

I am tired.  I’ve been swimming for about a month… treading water.

AND I HAVE ROCKED IT! ..as only a woman with breath left in her body can do. 

Just. Keep. Swimming.

I am a rather okay swimmer.  I love water.  However, if you notice the cat in the photo above, you may immediately think: Cats hate water.  I believe most cats do hate water, but oddly enough, it seems that cats can swim.  Completely foreign to their nature, cats can swim if they must.

I have been swimming – for about a month – in a whirlwind laden body of water.  I want out.  And get out I will… as soon as I find the shore.. or the edge of the pool, or the dock..   I have NO IDEA what I’m up against.  It’s moving too fast to find out.  But what I do know is this..  I have got to keep swimming.  Until I can’t swim any longer.. and then I’ll just keep swimming.  Because that’s what you do.  You keep going.

Just. Keep. Swimming.

See you in the life raft ❤

Image found here:  http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-RnPYdO-zEFw/TgXrtvKNeYI/AAAAAAAAZBQ/3v7-Qh625Bo/s400/Swimming%2Bcat.jpg


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