Is that the way of it?  We want serenity.  We want it now.

Serenity takes planning, folks.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  Much of what lends itself to serenity is the ability to plan ahead and alleviate some of the pressure you have inside your tightly cork-bottled life.  Planning is important if you are going to EXPECT SERENITY.

Serenity Now may be an odd concept, but it can be accomplished by finding acceptance in the now and realizing what your options are.  Knowing that you can’t change a situation – because it isn’t yours to change – takes a great burden off your daily thinking list.  Truthfully serenity is all in your head.  It’s about letting go.  It’s about knowing that serenity is a gift you give yourself.  The gift is understanding.  ..understanding that some things in life just aren’t yours to tamper with.  YES  – you CAN tamper with them but, understand that “tampering” will bring you grief, exhaustion, heartache, frustration… the list goes on and none of it’s fun or pretty.  Serenity is understanding that God is in control.  If there’s a solution, God has it.  If God needs your help…  welll..  God is God – so my policy is that God can handle these things… Hence the title: “God”…

Understand that living a life of serenity isn’t difficult.  You do the best you can.  You let go of the outcome.  You do things for the right reason.  You do them for yourself – meaning that you do your part and then you let go.  Just because you do the right thing doesn’t mean that it makes others behave in any predictable way.  …and if that is your goal then you need a dictionary because that’s not letting go, or being serene..  That’s manipulation.  You do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.  Then you give it up.  There are no expectations.  Doing the right thing is how you live with integrity – how you define who you are.  Your behavior does not hinge on outcomes.  You do your part.  You step aside. Whew.  That was easy.

Serenity.  Now.  It’s as easy as being yourself and not having expectations.  Doing the right thing always, and letting go of the outcome.  Let go and relax.  You’ve done your part.

Serenity.  Always.


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