So today we look at acceptance.  Acceptance says you’ll agree to take things as they are without trying to change them. In the Serenity Prayer, we accept the things we cannot change.  There are a lot of things you can’t change.  You accept them or reject them based on who you are, or on the situation.  Some of the most difficult things to accept as they are, are people.

You can’t change people.  They are in charge of their lives.  See them for what they are, for who they are, for how they are.  A friend passed on a lesson to me, that is another truth I accept.  It is this:  People are always showing us who they are.  We just don’t want to believe them.  That statement, my friends, is TRUTH.

There isn’t a lot that can’t be changed with the right set of variables.  Chronic illness, addictions, loss…  these are a few that you may not be able to change.  Your job is to accept them or don’t.  But understand you will not be able to change things that are directly attached to another person.  YOU CANNOT CHANGE PEOPLE.  Please note – there is NO COMMA before “people” in the previous sentence.  People can absolutely change but they have to want it. No one can do it for them.

Here is an example:  I used to be smart.  Now I’m nice.  Truth.  I used to be WAY smart.  Does that mean I’m not smart now?  …the jury’s still out…  BUT I had to realize that being happy to be me because I was smarter than you, didn’t make it okay for me to treat you as less than me.  If I have all these brains and decide that means I can treat you like “less” because you don’t have these brains…?  What the HELL does that say about me?  Not much nice.  If God gave me smarts, it wasn’t so that I could rub it in your face.  I know a lot of people who aren’t book-smart.  But they have other gifts you can’t buy or can’t learn.  I have accepted that while it’s great to be smart, it’s GREATER to appreciate others for their gifts.  Appreciating and celebrating the gifts of others is coming face to face with GRATITUDE.  Now THERE’S a powerful word…

Learn to accept what you cannot change.  If this means you walk away from it, then so be it.  You have the ability to choose what you can accept and what you can’t.  If you can accept things that you cannot change, it puts you a step ahead of the pack.  Don’t waste your finite energy on something you can’t accept that can’t be changed.  Acceptance is a strength. It renders you powerful and puts you in charge of what you CAN change.

Courage anyone?  Yes. Please.

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