The Courage to Change


No guts, no glory.  We’ve all heard that, right?  I think guts are subjective.  What I think is “gutsy,” my friend from high school eats for breakfast.  What some of my friends might call “gutsy,” I call being born a Scorpio.  So what determines how gutsy is defined?  Simple:  Your fears do.

A truth I have become familiar with is: When you get tired of the way your life is, you’ll change it.  You may call BS on this idea, but I can assure you it is the only way your life will change.  Don’t list the reasons why you are unable to change.  That’s all in your head.  Why?  Because, WHEN YOU GET TIRED OF YOUR LIFE THE WAY IT IS, YOU’LL CHANGE IT.  Rosa Parks understood this truth. Anyone looking at her circumstances would have laughed out loud at the thought that she could change the bigoted seating policy on her daily bus ride.  I’m sure many did just that.  This was of no concern to Rosa.  History tells us this woman just said, “no” and just like that, change had begun.

The first step to having the courage to change is the necessary evil of staring down your fears.  Don’t blink.  See your fears for what they are: artificial barriers that are holding you in your little walled world of “safety.” (Safety is an illusion but we’ll hold that for another day.)  There is no safety.  What you have is a belief in your own safety.  The duckling may be safe inside the gate, away from the pond.  But what kind of life is that for a duckling?  What’s she supposed to do with those webbed feet and waterproof feathers?  Stand around in the rain waiting for puddles to form?  You might be surprised at how many people might say yes to that question.  However, you will be hard pressed to find a duckling that agrees with you.

Stare down your fears.  Find your courage.  It’s not “now or never,” but now will be a whole lot better if you remove the invisible barriers to your success.  I never loved looking though the fence at life on the other side.  But at least I was safe, right?

Stare down your fears.  Watch them disappear. Find the courage to change. It’s right there, in front of you.


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