The Sun Came Up Again Today

It seems I should get used to the sun coming up, get used to days that keep coming.  Though we feel like we can’t go on, go on we must.  Go on we do.


I love it that sunrises are the start of the day.  Slowly and surely the rays peek through the pinkish cast in the sky.  The clouds make pictures and filter the beauty of the sun.  We can only see the sun through the clouds.  Ever so slightly we see the brightness increase and the silhouette of the trees can no longer contain the glory of the sunbeams that shoot through.

And then it was morning.

I will always love it that the rising sun reminds us of you.  It’s unstoppable.  You are here with us.  Every day we greet the sun and smile at your “Good morning”.  We hear it in our hearts.  We see your smiling eyes.

Thank you for all the “Good Mornings” you’ve given us.  Thank you that THIS is the beautiful reminder we will always have of you.  The bright and shining sun, that cannot be stopped.  Cannot be held back.  Like the love we have for you, and you for us, the sun will rise again and again.

Thank you, for shining so brightly.  We’ll see you again in the morning.  Godspeed.  Farewell.  Til we meet again.

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