What’s really going on?


What’s really going on?  Some days are like this, right?  It’s hard to get a grip because you’re in unfamiliar territory and not sure what to latch onto.  What’s really going on?  That’s a good question.

Life.  Life is going on.  Continuing onward in the face of unspeakable reality.  It’s what we do.  We live through the aftermath of hard days and long nights.  We prepare ourselves for the future …future long days and long, lonely nights.  The future is now.  Now is when we get to see what’s really going on.  Now is when.  It’s when one day at a time becomes one moment at a time.  Now.  Now is when we have to face the future.  Now.  Now what?

What’s really going on?  LOVE.  Love is going on.  Love is now and always.  Love is what binds us together, offering a shoulder or a hand to hold.  Now is when love is needed.  Now, when our hearts feel so empty.

Tell those you love that you love them.  Tell them now.  Because NOW is what’s really going on.  Now is when we understand all too well the fleeting and fragile nature of life.  What’s really going on is Love and Life and Now.  They are all the same.  NOW is when life takes place.  Love is what we’re here for.  NOW is when we love.  Now is when we live on…

You are loved.  Now.  Be love. Be life. Be present. Now.  It’s what’s really going on…


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