The light gone out…


For all my remarks about living in the moment, it’s the hard moments that stop you cold.  This blog has served to remind me that while it’s great to be positive and go forward, real life still intervenes.  Real life demands our attention, even when we feel we can’t go on.

A light went out in my family yesterday.  So much potential.  Burning so brightly.  Gone in an instant.  Bewilderment becomes a verb, a pass the time noun, a velcro companion that refuses to leave your side.

For all my talk of living in the moment this is a hard moment to be in.  It’s hinged to another moment.  And another.  They keep coming.  They become hours, and days… and onward and forward and then suddenly we are back at the moment and it begins again.

I am reminded that everyone is fighting some type of battle, and we are each asked to be kind to each other because of this truth.  I find I am empty of all but kindness.  Hollow and unsure of all but kindness.

Thank you all, for your kindness, today.

~ Peace be with you


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