I’ve never seen the movie “Sideways.”  I’m talking about snow.  It’s been coming in at a 45 degree angle.  At times, it’s been like looking out from the belly of a snow globe.  The flakes falling, thick and hesitant. 

A bit of a lull now as the birds venture out in the smaller flakes, quickly surveying forage opportunities.  The suet is as yet unfound, the seed from earlier covered in the thick blanket of white.  Seed left in sheltered places is being discovered   It’s a race with time.  As the afternoon proceeds, the snow gathers to bring heavy coverage to the landscape. The birds feed now or wait until tomorrow.  The cold, dark, windy night looms.  The tall pines stand firm, offering shelter.  The bare locust trees sway and scrape together overhead. The song of the wind plays softly, promising a powerful symphony as night falls. 



Here’s hoping that this latest storm dancing up the coast brings us only good memories, and everyone stays safe and warm.  Enjoy your snow, if you have snow. Even if it’s coming in sideways.


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