The Youngest Moon

I saw a photo the other day that referred to it being “the youngest moon ever photographed” because you have to be able to see enough of it to get a picture.


I love young moons.  That little sliver of a crescent is so beautiful shining in the heavens.

I love young moons – these are the Blue Moon Sisters of the future.  The ones who will find that lifelong friend in the most unexpected of places.  Not everyone knows who their closest friends are until the moment of truth when their true colors are shown.  You can be a good friend and be taken for granted.  You can have a good friend that YOU take for granted.

I guess this is where the Golden Rule comes into play.  You treat others as you want to be treated.  Sometimes you get that sentiment back, and sometimes you don’t.  When you lose someone you thought was a friend, don’t lose heart.  Sometimes they come back – you find each other again – stronger and wiser and more forgiving than before.  Sometimes they don’t come back and that’s okay, too.  But here’s the thing I want you to understand – the friends who call you out and tell it like it is?  Sometimes it’s THOSE people who truly care about you.  Look for friends who can tell you the truth, even when it’s hard to hear.  Not the ones who blast you and walk smugly away – that is a different creature.  But the ones who are willing to stay in the trenches with you, through the long night of difficult discovery, the ones who are still there when the dawn breaks?  Those people are your friends.

Look for people worth holding onto.  There are only so many.  The youngest moons among us will have questions about friendship.  The best that we can do for them is to show them what a true friend looks like.  Be a living example of a true friend.  That’s the stuff that Blue Moon Sisters are made of.

Word.  ❤

Photo:  moon_young_Susan_Gies_Jensen_2-10-2013


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