and then it was Friday….!!!


Congratulations!  We’ve made it to another Friday!  Ain’t life grand?

Truth be told, life IS grand.  Living for Friday? …not so much grand.

Life is precious.  Let’s not wish it away.  Does Monday suck?  Sometimes, yes.  It can suck.  However, do you have ANY IDEA what’s happening on Tuesday??!!  Oh my God!  Do you know what Tuesday is??!!  No?..  EXACTLY!  Tuesday can be the day your dreams come true.  The day your soldier comes home and surprises you in the auditorium of your son’s school.  The day you GET IT – Finally understand something that has plagued you for your entire life.  It could be the day you get flowers from an admirer you didn’t know existed!


….or maybe it’s Wednesday.. who knows?

I’ll tell you who DOESN’T KNOW…

Me.  ..and you…  and everyone without a time machine or clairvoyance.

Life is a mystery.  A beautiful surprise.  A gift you get to open each day.

Don’t wish your week away.  Friday could SUCK.  Don’t skip Thursday.  Thursday could be the day you find that long lost earring that you gave up on two years ago.  IT COULD HAPPEN!  (Trust me – I know things…)

SO TODAY IS THE DAY!  The day we live in the moment and enjoy Friday because it’s Friday.  It’s a wonderful day, but never underestimate the power of Monday.  Monday could be the day…

Have a beautiful weekend!  You can, you know.  It’s all up to you.  I’m having a beautiful weekend.  Join me?

Friday button, anyone?


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