I have had an interesting week.  I hope my weekend is better.

Hope.  Hope?  Hmmm…

Dictionary.com lists the first definition of hope as :

the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

I hope so.

What about DECIDING it’s going to be a good weekend?  Hope?  Or “make it so?”  Is that possible?  Methinks it is.

You are the only one in charge of how you feel, of how you react to a situation or how you ACT in a given circumstance.  Acting and reacting are extremely different.  I am a reactor.. Yes… Think nuclear.  Heavy water doesn’t begin to describe the remnants of a meltdown.

I’m working on it.  I’m trying to ACT instead of react.  I would like to blame my lack of time for my failure to act.  I do not take time to sit and think before a response because I am SO busy.  Even when I’m not busy, my mind is always going.  There is no “off” switch, except sleep.

I hope I can still my mind, and become more adept at “acting” on impulse, rather than reacting to a situation.  The problem is that it take a conscious effort to change.


For today, I’ll hope.  I do not have the energy to say with conviction that I will.  Tomorrow will perhaps be different, and I’ll have a bit more verve.  Verve…  Hmm.. maybe I should look that up as well. =P

Have a wonderful weekend. Definitively. I hope so…


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