Happy Valentine’s Day!


This sums it up for Blue Moon Sisters!  We may be far apart but we are always close in heart!

Many people like to call this “Singles Awareness Day” for obvious reasons.  My advice to you is:  Love Yourself.  Take yourself out for dinner.  Buy yourself flowers.  Write yourself a love poem.  Be your own best friend – I give out this advice frequently.  Any takers?  Couldn’t tell you…  My job is to give the advice.  What others choose to do is always up to them.  The advice is a gift, yes?  But not everyone likes the gifts they’re given.  You can’t tell people how to live.  You most certainly cannot tell them how to love.  However, you can SHOW THEM how to love.

LOVE        Image

It’s what we’re all here for.  The sooner you understand that, the lighter the burdens become.

Share your love today in a kind gesture.  A simple smile – even if the smile is not returned.  Perhaps it will give someone the courage to smile at another that needs it more than anyone knows.

LOVE – it’s a verb, y’all…

LOVE. …this is not a request.


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