Don’t worry. Be happy.

Happy Monday!  We get to do it all over this week!  Does it get any better than that?


Rainy and foggy here today.  I kind of love fog.  It’s almost like you’re hidden from the world.  I love that “fly on the wall” thing where you catch snippets of conversations in passing.  Or see a kind gesture, or an affectionate moment transpire.  Or hear a bird singing beautifully even though you can’t see it.  You can’t plan these moments.  To catch them you have to be HERE.  NOW.  This moment.  Fully present.  That sounds so simple but can be difficult to maintain for any real length of time.


All we have is today.  Or maybe right now. Yesterday is gone.  There is nothing to see there.  Don’t spend your future looking back at the past.  Don’t sacrifice today for yesterday.  All that accomplishes is sacrificing TWO days to yesterday.

The path is forward, not back.  The time is now.

Be here in this moment.

This moment is where you are.


One thought on “Don’t worry. Be happy.

  1. Such a great message…delivered perfectly. I also love that you used the word “snippet”…it’s one of my faves ( I know sounds weird…but it’s oh so true ;).

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