Friday. One word says it all…

I welcome you to the end of the week.  Many of us do not work weekends so Friday is a special day.  For me, it’s the end of a very long week.  While it’s good to be busy, it’s also good to stop and catch a breath.  I – N – H – A – L- E

And.. E X H A L E …

Feel better?  Yeah, I’m not sure either.  I think it has to be a theme you continue throughout the day.

Relax.  Inhale… soft throat.  …soft belly…

Exhale…. let your eyes relax as if they were hollow….

That stuff works.. try it.

I highly recommend “A.M. and P.M. Yoga with Rodney Yee.”  I don’t love the P.M. part because it’s not Rodney.  But whatever… Conscious relaxation is the bomb.  The problem is the “conscious” part…  You must MAKE yourself breathe purposefully and be conscious of letting go of anxiety.  I’m not good at meditation but this does help me.


Have a very wonderful Friday!!


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