So Happy It’s Thursday

Good morning!  Let’s get that smile on and start our days, shall we?

LOL – see that’s the part that kind of drives me nutty (Yes – I’m blaming the “crazy” on something other than me.. )  Shall we?  Do we really have a choice?  I mean, the day has begun.  We want paychecks.  Starting our day is not an option.  The day has begun, get your shoes on.

Shall we?  For most of us this isn’t a question.  Shall we?  Outta my way – I gotta get going!!  Right?  Well, maybe.  But for many of us there is a different question.  Sometimes it’s not so much a question as a prayer.  “Please, God.  Let me get out of this bed.  Help me to get up and do something today.  Please.  PLEASE. HELP ME.”

Sad, isn’t it?  Literally.  SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder affects so many and can truly cripple your life.  What I know to be TRULY sad is that for many, it’s not a SAD day.  It’s every day.  Some of us suffer – regardless of the season.  Depression is a reality.

Depression used to sneak up on me.  Well, actually it didn’t but I would PRETEND that it wasn’t sneaking up on me because I so badly just wanted to live my life.  Like a normal person.  (Hint:  There is no normal.  Be yourself.)  I would carry on.  On and on.  And then …

BOOM!  I’d hit the wall and there was no denying it.  It would piss me off something fierce.  So then I was sad AND mad.  But none of that mattered because of the pain.  The hopelessness.  The alone in your head syndrome – no one else has a key.  Here is the thing, though.  YOU DO HAVE A KEY.  And you are the ONLY one who does.

Today’s theme is


What do you see?  Chains?  A brick wall?  That’s okay – they’re real.  And that is part of the problem.. PERCEPTION.  See the chains?  Yes.. but see the rings on the bottom of those chains?  GRAB THEM.  Pull yourself up.  Swing your body to the top.  It doesn’t matter… PICK A SOLUTION.  You CAN get there from here.  But you are the only one who can do it.  Take the chains holding you down and make them your weapon.  Don’t use them to hurt others – sometimes we lash out in our pain.  These tools are for you.  USE THEM.  There is a way out, but it’s different for each of us.  Find the way.  You can do this.  I promise.  I did it.  I know so many others who did.

Come on, girl.. Just do it.

Shall we?




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